Table Crowd 13 Jul at 3:45pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

13 Jul at 10:23am

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Andrea 12 Jul at 10:23am

Hi all, looking forward to this session! Exploring a subscription business idea and also working with other subscription businesses on growth. Cheers, Andrea

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Joanne 05 Jul at 12:37pm

Hello all. I completed a soft launch of my tights subscription business Hop Hosiery ( back in April and we have a few organic customers with no marketing. Now that the site is tried, tested and working well we will be moving into a period of marketing and press releases but this is a new space for me so looking forward to talking through, debating and gaining insight from the dinner. Look forward to meeting you all. Joanne.

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Renee 29 Jun at 3:29pm

Hi! We have just launched a science subscription for kids 7-11yrs. We are live on Kickstarter at the moment ( and getting ready to transition in to the long game! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Elka 29 Jun at 3:16pm

Hi I'm Elka. founder of (34.4 C.I.C) Natural Skincare Products. We're hoping to move into subscriptions as our next phase

29 Jun at 3:13pm

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Alexandre 22 Jun at 5:44pm

Hi I am Alex, CFO at toucanBox. toucanBox is a subscription-based arts & crafts delivery service for children aged 3 to 8. We have just secured a series A funding round and are very excited about growth opportunities this will enable us to launch. Looking forward to sharing views on subscription-based growth strategies with you all! Alex

22 Jun at 5:36pm

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Kerry 22 Jun at 1:34pm

Hey Kim the dinner will relate to both, although Felix's experience is mainly B2C (HelloFresh, Pact Coffee etc) - hope this helps.
Kerry | TableCrowd

Kim 22 Jun at 1:08pm

Looks like an interesting evening. I have one question though: Will the discussion/advice be mainly focused around B2C, or also B2B?

22 Jun at 12:49pm

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