Table Crowd 16 Jul at 4:00pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

16 Jul at 2:34pm

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16 Jul at 12:41pm

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Dan 16 Jul at 12:12pm

Hi all,
Apologies, us Prosper chaps have had to cancel our seats tonight as we've had a client commitment interfere with our eating and socialising.
Hope to be at the next one.

Kate 16 Jul at 11:59am

Hi Everyone,
Looking forward to seeing you later! Please come upstairs to the private dining room. If you have any dietary requirements and you didn't add them when you joined the table, please let me know. To take advantage of a free cab ride home (up to £15) remember to download the "Bounce" app. My number is 07977 236617 should you need to reach me.
See you soon!

Mark 16 Jul at 6:38am

Hi - looking forward to the conversation tonight

16 Jul at 6:35am

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15 Jul at 10:20pm

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Ben 15 Jul at 5:04pm

Hi Im Ben

15 Jul at 5:04pm

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15 Jul at 5:00pm

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Bruce 14 Jul at 11:16pm


Looking forward to meeting people.

Our platform for health self management is being deployed in the first 15 NHS centres in the UK in a range of patient groups, including Parkinson's, diabetes and heart failure.

See you Wednesday!


14 Jul at 11:10pm

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Dan 11 Jul at 4:28pm

Hey - I'm Dan from Prosper, a design company specialising in health. We're bootstrapping two health apps ( + and I'm keen to share some start up war stories, broaden my network and eat some nice food.

11 Jul at 4:24pm

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11 Jul at 3:22pm

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Kate 11 Jul at 11:47am

Looking forward to meeting everyone next week, hearing all your stories and learning from you. Have a great weekend. If any of you or your families need a GP appointment between now and next Wednesday - let me know and I can give you a free voucher code to try out our service before next Wednesday. You will just need the voucher code, and a computer/laptop or tablet with camera and audio facilities. Then you can really grill me/feedback on our service!

Victor 11 Jul at 11:39am

Hi, We are developing POC Diagnostics for respiratory disease using exhaled breath analysis. We developed the worlds first breath chip that can be used inside a mobile phone. Interested to meet and network with people in digital health.

11 Jul at 11:33am

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11 Jul at 10:01am

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Parker 10 Jul at 8:50pm

Looking forward to meeting everyone. I recently left Great Ormond Street where I was leading technology strategy - the attempt to go paperless, become efficient, share data without the use of fax.. etc! If all works out I hope I can announce my new role by the time this dinner happens. ps. I'm passionate about 'health outcomes that matter to patients' so this is just up my street.

Sean 10 Jul at 8:36pm

Just joined the site. This is right up my alley but I'm away that night. Hope to see you all on a future meet.

Mark 10 Jul at 7:50pm

Well hello everyone,

I'm Mark, part-time geneticist, co-founder of Geneix and the Digital Health Professionals Network. Passionate about using digital health to unlock the promise of personalised medicine. Great

10 Jul at 7:46pm

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Sandy 10 Jul at 11:23am

Hi everyone

Looking forward to joining the conversation :-)

So who am I?

I’ve been guiding companies large and small, with a customer base peaking at 27 million, on both business strategy and ‘experience design’ ie designing an end to end service with a genuine ‘human touch’.

Happy to share thoughts and ideas, feel free to say hello :-)


09 Jul at 7:05pm

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Sarvi 08 Jul at 9:54pm

Hi, Sarvi here, general surgeon and founder of - really looking forward to meeting you all! Thanks for the invite Nasrin!

08 Jul at 9:49pm

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Nasrin 30 Jun at 11:43pm

Welcome to all those who have joined the table! Would be great if everyone could post an initial introduction to themselves and their organisation. Very much looking forward to the 16th!

30 Jun at 9:07pm

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Rosie 24 Jun at 10:04pm

Hi there, I am looking forward to an interesting evening. I am a seasoned healthcare exec looking at the convergence of digital tech and traditional med technologies to drive improved outcomes and patient access.

24 Jun at 10:01pm

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Kate 09 Jun at 8:10pm

Hello, I will get a photo up there as soon as possible but I suppose I am blonde with a fringe so it could be worse!

09 Jun at 8:09pm

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