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New year, new start? Are you in the right job?

at The Noodle House, Soho (map)

Who's coming

  • Host

    Hostess Extraordinaire!, TableCrowd

  • Zena

    Communicator /Writer/Singer

  • Alastair

    Founding Partner, Eyes Wide Opened

  • Amit
  • Mandy

    --, TableCrowd


The Noodle House

117 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8AD

Started by:

At this dinner, leading creative thinker, coach and energetic Eyes Wide Opened ( co-founder Alastair Creamer will reveal the most powerful questions to ask yourself ahead of a big career decision. Who are you becoming if you stay in a job you don’t enjoy, and what impact is it having on the people closest to you?

Over a delicious dinner, get insights on:
- deciding what kind of work really suits you.
- creating a more meaningful job where you are right now.
- working out what’s next if you’re not in the right job.
- asking yourself the right questions about what work means to you.
- learning why ‘What do you want to do?’ is the wrong question.

We're excited to work with expert career coach Alastair Creamer on this dinner as his reviews are tremendous. A few snippets -
"This was really useful stuff - I loved the idea of a 'good question' being asked at the right time which can change your life and outlook on work"
"It was very inspirational - I am in the right job!"

"It was good brain food and food for thought. The stories Alastair used made the event really grounded in reality. Thank you."

The cost includes private dining experience with speaker, 2 course dinner with wine and highly curated networking.

On the menu
Garlic edamame
Prawn crackers
Vegetable rolls
Chicken satay
Duck Dumplings
Crispy duck and pancakes
Green chicken curry
Beef char kway teow
Vegetable pad thai
Roti canai
Green tea
Wine & soft drinks


P.S. TableCrowd are offering complimentary cab rides home (£15) thanks to their partner, Get Taxi! on first download of the app. Details on the night.

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