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50 Long Lane, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 9EJ





Puglia (in latin Apulia) is the beautiful southern region in Italy and that is where Vincenzo (the owner) comes from bringing along tradition and culture . At Apulia You will find mostly apulian ingredients,products without manipulation of any kind, healthy and natural . Vincenzo use to say " Seeing my dishes that come back empty , seeing a customer that gets up to shake my hand and telling me that he did live a beautiful and memorable event , knowing that he will remember my plate even in a year gives me the best satisfaction as restaurateur. My favorite ingredients are extra virgin olive oil,vegetables and fish that I always use, natural products with no artificial thickeners or dyes.My clients and all kinds , from all over the world , throughout the year I have more local customers , the summer tourists arrive , people search emotions, and flavors. My restaurant is to discover, is hidden : who is this far is an explorer , a seeker.

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