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Man V. Food


For those who like a challenge! Ever thought 'I bet I could eat that!' ? This is the place for you. Fancy munching through 3 feet of pizza, smashing the Devastator Burger in 10 mins or pitting yourself against London's hottest curry? I thought so, welcome aboard!

I've been checking out a few of London's eating challenges to see which are up to scratch and I have some fun stuff lined up. So Join me in London's Man V.Food crowd to experience the crazier side of the capitals restaurant scene. . You might even win a Tshirt ;)

p.s These Challenges take a fair bit of running around and organising and we can't mess the restaurants about too much. For this reason there will be a refundable deposit or a small fee attached to each table to counter no-shows. Hope to see you soon! Rob

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