Ten tips and tricks for building a business

hephziThe fabulous Hephzi Pemberton gave some superb tips to her fellow diners at dinner this week. (Check out the #AfterDinnerRoundup here.) Take a look at Hephzi’s top ten tips and tricks for building a business:

  1. Treat everyone like a client
    We treated our candidates all like potential clients. This gave us all the right attitude. It doesn’t matter what business you have, people matter. Have this at your heart of your business; it is your reputation, after all.
  2. Stay close to your clients or investors (they pay your bills)
    Building a deeper relationship is really important. Invite them to dinners. Stand out from what your competitors are giving them for relationship building. Be proactive and creative with the relationship.
  3. Learn to negotiate by pro
    Read a book called ‘Never Split the Difference’. It is hostage negotiation for business. Understand what the other side needs first before your own.
  4. Learn to say no
    Develop a relationship with the word ‘no’. It is a healthy setting of boundaries. As a leader it is important to say no. Stick to what you know (and know what you are good at). It demonstrates a level of confidence that you stick to your guns.
  5. Hire for potential not prestige
    Attitude, willingness, work ethic, fun, interested – this is what you’re looking for. Ask about their family. What is their greatest fear? Ask about books, films, arts, culture etc.
  6. Have a board from early on
    No matter how much of a self starter you are, you need people to talk to. Most effective are those that have buy in. You need to make sure that they commit. The board is there for the business; they represent the interests of the business.
  7. Celebrate your success!
    Gives your team something to talk about :-))
  8. Leverage your time
    Get good accountants, lawyers, great tech etc
  9. Develop yourself to develop others
    From the books that you read. Do this and learn and continually develop. Get coaching. Embed coaching culture culture into the business.
  10. Every year ask yourself why are you here
    It will take you out of your comfort zone, although, you might not like the answers!

For more tips and tricks from our speakers, check out our top tips blogs. Although, nothing beats meeting our speakers in person – so come join us for dinner!


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