Practical tips and running your business better #AfterDinnerRoundup

hephziThis week’s dinners have been all about building successful businesses, from practical tips and real life examples to being a master or execution and operations in order to run your business better. Ghilaine Chan, a Plug-in COO, spoke on Tuesday night to her fellow diners at The Anthologist, whilst Hephzi Pemberton, business founder and investor, talking last night providing insider knowledge to help avoid the problems and pitfalls that businesses commonly face.

Practical tips & real life examples from successful business founder & investor
Hephzi Pemberton and her fellow diners enjoyed dinner at The Happenstance, along with a fantastic evening of networking and tips for building a business. As a business founder and investor, Hephzi began her career in investment banking before moving into headhunting and launching her first business Kea Consultants. Helping her guests to avoid the common problems and pitfalls that businesses face, she shared nuggets of information varying from customer relations and negotiating to hiring your team and learning how to say no. Hephzi’s top ten tips can be found in full here.


Run your business better: be a master of execution & operations
Joining Ghilaine Chan on Tuesday night at The Anthologist, TableCrowd members had such a treat being inundated with loads of ideas and tips to help in the execution and operation of their businesses. We rustled up a little blog post on Ghilaine’s top tips, just for you. Covering everything from being effective and outcome-based to being purposeful and planning, planning and planning some more! Ghilaine also provided insight into hiring the right people for your business too, including stressing that cultural fit and value fit are key to having the right team behind you. Ultimately, Ghilaine believes that to drive focus you need to know why you are running your business. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Our speakers were joined by: Buto, Fixflo, Solely Original, Per4mance Insight, Kiwi Gray, Propelia, Casey, Pathio and TalentYard amongst others.

Special thanks to our speakers, Ghilaine and Hephzi, as well as our partner Wellers.Wellers for siteLooking to network with your peers and hear from experts in their field? Why not join us for dinner?


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