Top 5 tips for working with an Agency

helloAt dinner last week, Jim Kite, Starcom MediaVest Group‘s Strategic Development Director, covered the topic of how he works closely with tech startups by connecting them with Starcom’s existing clients (like Samsung, P&G, Lidl and Heineken to name drop a little).

Here are his top tips for startups working with a media and advertising agency to connect their products and services with established brands:

  1. Have a clear proposition. Focus on what you do well.
  2. Ensure your product is 100% ready.
  3. Pitching to a marketeer is very different to an investor pitch – research the agency and the client before you approach them.
  4. Personalise the approach to the client – show what you can do for them.
  5. Have a simple video that showcases exactly what you do.

For more great tips from our speakers, take a look at our other posts – or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner!

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