How to get started using data science for your business

Kim Nilsson, CEO of Pivigo, provided some valuable insight, at Monday night’s dinner, into why companies should be looking at using data to drive their businesses forward. If a company wants to have a competitive advantage tomorrow, they need to start investing in the field of data science today. For a start it’s more efficient, and in some cases, it can generate a boost in sales.

Here is Kim’s list of what companies need in order to start to implement the use of data within their business:

  • First and foremost, is the data
  • The right tools are also an absolute must
  • Data scientists who are trained specialists
  • Commitment from the senior management team
  • Culture change and acceptance within the business on a whole, and
  • Finally, for people within the business to cooperate

With Kim’s firm belief that data is going to revolutionise the world – and why not, there’s an abundance of the stuff just sitting there waiting to be put to work – it’s surprising that most companies aren’t doing it. Her prediction, however, is that in five years time any company that doesn’t have data scientists working their magic will be at a distinct disadvantage.


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