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Following last week’s Be The Change Journey dinner, we spoke to the brilliant hosts Rosie Walford and Hannah Smith and they told us all about it! We’ve included a few sound bites and photos below. If you missed it, you can meet Rosie and Hannah this week (21st August) – full details here.

“the diversity of people round the table – from an aviation consultant to an aspiring mental health nurse to former banker – where else does that happen?”

“how our ‘Conversation Menu’  (everything from ‘tell me about a meaningless moment at your current work’ to ‘do you act your age?’) got people into some gritty, cool, entertaining discussions from the get-go – way better than the usual opener of ‘so what do you do?”

“people said it was brilliant and comforting to meet others who want to explore fulfillment and purpose in their work – it’s not a conversation that everyone is willing to have, yet it’s an endlessly interesting one because it involves talking about who you are, and what you care about, as well as what you do.”

“it was wonderful overhearing Graham  (one of the Journey alumni) describing how he started the journey just knowing that he wanted to bring more happiness in the world, and left the journey with a clear sense of new areas he was going to pursue – and that’s what he’s now doing.  and wonderful too seeing how engaged people were in his stories of the trip itself.”

“several people were from banking and finance and had no idea of how their experience might be relevant to development and social change – in the city, it’s a bit of a velvet rut and people can’t see beyond – to worlds like philanthropic investing, microfinance, charity lending, ethical investing. It’s pretty exciting to watch their faces as these horizons open before them.”

“the energy in the conversations, people wanted more – and were making all sorts of plans to meet and support each other afterwards.”

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