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Startup Engine: Startup Engine dinner: Develop your value proposition & get growth


Love Tuesday nights at #StartupEngine dinners and last night was no exception. The only negative for me is that I have probably ordered everything on Chico Bandito’s menu at least twice.


This week we were joined by @WebbJS, founder of Get2Growth and startups lead at Rackspace. With 20 years experience across multiple tech sectors, John works with startup teams to devise and develop their Value Propositions, and then make them a reality through product and marketing. John talked about his ideas and strategies for helping startups and we had the chance to informally pick his brains.


We had some tremendous startups around the table for dinner, all TableCrowd old timers, apart from new kid on the block @murraymuzz. He told his really interesting and fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants story that led him to where he is today – working on fashion app Grabble, which allows internet window shoppers to “grab” everything that takes their fancy and save it (like a book mark) and get notified when something goes on sale. You can see what other people have grabbed, if they make it public, and grab something of their’s for your own. Most likely, I will be copying my most fashionable friends with my new hobby this weekend.


Looking forward to the next #StartupEngine dinner for more business networking.

You might like this upcoming dinner on 4th February: Courtesy of Tech City News there is a supper club at Eight Club with Simon Sinek speaking. Limited spaces!

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