You say goodbye and I say Chào

This blog has been a long time coming. Ever been searching for something only to realise that not only is it staring you in the face, it’s got you in a playful headlock (sibling style) and is repeatedly saying ‘here I am, come get me’?

Let me explain my opening ramble. I’ve been quite selective choosing great places to eat and enjoy food and yet had been frequenting a local Vietnamese place, almost every day! I can class myself as a regular and I have no doubt there are a number of people that can do the same.

Set at the top of Whitecross Street (yes, the very same street that serves up a world class array of foods) Chào (pretty much ‘Hi’ in Vietnamese) is a quaint environment with seating space both in and out of the mini restaurant. It’s always buzzing with punters in it’s 3+ hours of opening time, that extended lunch period.

It’s street food brought to you in simple, respectable, well presented, disposable bowls and pots. The Pho soup is a definite favourite, but not mine. I have a slight addiction to the Chicken salad with noodles. I don’t know exactly what’s in that sauce but I know that it is delicious. With the option of crushed peanuts and chillies in all their dishes I opt for both and have become accustomed to well prepared food.

Run by a hard working team consisting of twin brothers and people joking under pressure, whilst still delivering quality, tasty food again and again.

Right. I’ve worked myself up an appetite. Wonder where I am heading for lunch today…

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