At A Fraction Of The Waistline

Everyone is partial to a bit of naughty dining especially when you’ve had a few too many the night before. Whether it’s a greasy end of night kebab or whopping 1,000 calorie Sunday afternoon pizza, every now and then we all feel the need to indulge in fast foods. 

Having been in London for sometime now and being spoilt by the variance and choices when dining and eating out, I am slowly losing the urge to dine on unhealthy foods.  London offers a fantastic array of different cuisines through its 100s of restaurants, cafes and specialist food markets, that can be enjoyed at a fraction of the calorie intake of the fast food alternative.

Let’s be honest, what do you think of when you think of kebab? Are you like me and think 3 o’clock in the morning, drunk, greasy lamb doner, chilli AND burger sauce? Well if you do you certainly know how to live… however, for me those days are now gone.  I’ve not stopped eating those types of kebabs; I do in fact have them at least once a week but I have now opted for the healthier and tastier grilled meat alternative accompanied by a salad, mint yoghurt and flat bread.  In Dalston especially, there are a wide range of Turkish and Kebab places to choose from.

My two personal favourites include “Uludag” on Kingsland Road for the perfect flat bread wrap and “Tad” on Mare Street for a delicious mixed shish kebab served with rice, salad and a tasty grilled onion side.  Tad has a wide selection of meals on its menu and includes fantastic options for vegetarians.  It was recommended to me by a vegetarian friend, who was really happy with the choice of non meat options (try the grilled aubergine).

Why pig out on a Dominos or a McDonalds only to spend a few hours regretting it and feeling bad about your choice, when you can keep your taste buds guessing and pop down to say:

  • Borough Market on a Saturday lunchtime and enjoy a wide selection of international foods – fast food without (in most cases) the risk to your waist line.
  • Brick lane is another one of my favourites that captures the heart and soul of this diverse and exciting London community.  The market hall is bursting with flavours and food vendors from around the globe – from Ethiopian food stalls to steamed Dim Sum to a flaming Caribbean grill.

Tuck in, try something new and lay off those greasy fast foods!

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